the anniversary

by bill macilwraith

Since the death of her husband, Mum has kept tight hold on the family business and her three sons, binding them to her with gifts, threats and a ruthless exploitation of their weaknesses. As the family is unwillingly brought together to celebrate Mum’s wedding anniversary, one son finaly gathers the courage to tell her he is taking his family to Canada, another breaks the news of his impending marriage and revolt is suddenly in the air. Mum will fight back with every weapon in her formidable armoury, intent on maintaining her rigid control over the lives of her three boys.

Mum / Maxine Roach

Tom / Charlie Abrahams

Shirley / Daisy Estall

Terry / Charlie Collins

Karen / Rachel Kimber

Henry / Nick Griffith



Director / Michelle Taylor-Knight & Sam Knight

Produced by / Matt Turpin & Zo Morgan

Sound / Matt Turpin & Annabel Turpin

Lighting / Zo Morgan & Frank Jenks

Trailer / Justin Lycett

'The Anniversary' Image Design / Sam Knight

Production Photography / Peter Mould

With thanks to / Mike Willard, Vernon Reeve, Sally and Ian Klemen


Barn Theatre, Smallhythe 29 June - 1 July 2017

Stables Theatre, Hastings 7-8 July 2017